Term 3

Term 3
Our topic this term is 'Winter Wonderland'.
In Science we learnt about the weather and the four Seasons. We kept a daily weather chart and used a thermometer to record the temperature.
 We went on a hunt around the forest area looking for signs of Winter.
We painted winter landscapes using inks and dry powder paint to create the backgrounds and then used black felt pens to draw the trees.
As part of our personal targets we've been working co-operatively with a partner on different tasks. We are getting great at listening to each others ideas, making compromises and taking turns.
In our Design Technology lessons we created pop-up books retelling the nursery rhyme 'Humpty Dumpty'.
We made sliders to make Humpty Dumpty move in different directions.
As part of our topic we set up a Weather Station. Here we are delivering the weather forecast.