Term 3

Term 3 
With our start to the new year we are going to be busy in year 6! 
Our History topic is 'What was the impact on WW2 on British people?' to support our learning we will be visiting the STEAM museum to experience an evacuation on one of their trains! 
We are also looking forward to welcoming our parents for an event to share some of our learning! 
'What was the impact of WW2 on British People?' 
This is an exciting topic with the opportunity to research our own family history along and reflect on how people's lives were affected at the time. 
Below is our knowledge organiser which is full of interesting facts. 
STEAM Museum 
Have a look at some photos of our visit to the STEAM museum. 
Everyone made a fantastic effort with their costumes which really brought our evacuation experience to life!
Our topic this term is 'Living Things: Classifying Big and Small'. 
Have a look at the knowledge organiser below which is full of interesting information about this topic!  
Our spelling lists for this term are below. 
We will learn and practise our spellings each week and there will be a test on Fridays.