Term 6

Term 6 
Our final term as year 5 beings at St. Nicholas and what a term it's going to be! We have lots of fun activities, plus a day trip to the seaside and hopefully a performance to parents after only 10 weeks of learning the trumpets.


During our final term in maths we will be looking at a number of new topics and revisiting some old. We will examine number and place value; measure, fractions, geometry and ongoing calculation including multiplication, division, factors, and learning about prime numbers. 


The children explore the Big Question: What makes someone a great explorer? They read the interactive eBook, and use other sources, to research challenges faced by explorers. They understand and explain different viewpoints. They look for evidence about what qualities successful explorers would need. They recap features of report texts and write an advert using persuasive language. They answer the Big Question, planning and writing a handbook for a new junior explorer.

Where else can YEO learn how to pitch their ideas? Well, in their English lessons, of course! As part of a pitch unit, the class will be using their skills to design a product around a children's story. They will do market research, create questionnaires, ask their target audience (Y1) what they think, and make a prototype of a project. They then must pitch "Dragons' Den" style panel made up of Mrs Kett, Mrs Hinkley, Mrs Smyth, Mrs Simmons and of course Mr. Low!


Building on their knowledge of contact and non-contact forces, Y5 will explore gravity, friction, air resistance and water resistance in more depth and consider the effect of these forces being unbalanced. They plan investigations to further their understanding of the effects of these forces. YEO class will test their ideas using models and compete to build the most effective pulley system.

Geography Topic

This term, our geography topic looks at the oceans and asks the question: "Why do oceans matter?" We will be exploring where and what our biggest oceans are and how important they are for trade. We will examine the damage we are currently doing to our oceans, especially the Great Barrier Reef and coral bleaching - all because of climate change and the amount of plastic and rubbish that gets into our seas. Finally, as part of our school experiences, we will take part in a study that investigates how much rubbish we find on our beaches and how we can help clean them up. 

This term our discovery theme is on beliefs and practices focussing on the key question: "What is the best way for a Christian to show commitment to God?"


This summer YEO are learning about ball games - cricket and rounders. Here they will learn fielding techniques in including running, jumping, throwing and catching in isolation and in combination. Also how to play competitive games, modified where appropriate (cricket and rounders), and apply basic principles suitable for attacking and defending as well as all the essential elements of playing a team sport.

For our art lessons this term we are learning about the features of installation art and how it can communicate a message; exploring the work of Cai Guo-Qiang and discovering how our life experiences can inspire our art; investigating how scale, location and interactive elements affect the way visitors experience installation art.


For another term, Y5 has had the opportunity to learn how to play the trumpet, supported by WEMA. They have done so well in learning the basics, and the lessons have been entertaining and fun. By the end of the term, they should be able to give a fantastic performance to show what they have learned.