Online Safety

Online Safety and Policies
Lessons often incorporate elements of online safety and digital citizenship to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the digital world responsibly. 
However, it is important for parents and carers to support children's knowledge and teacher's lessons about Online Safety and ways for children to stay safe online at all times.
Please find links to our e-safety policies as well as helpful information.

How parents can help

At St Nicholas , we feel strongly about ensuring that all staff and parents have a responsibility for safeguarding our children online and with the use of technology.

Parents can help support us with our aims in Computing by:

  • Reading any Computing and Online safety posters on weekly newsletters 
  • Carefully monitoring the use of technology at home, ensuring that they are aware of what children are doing online and limiting the time children are accessing technologies..
  • Agreeing to our Acceptable Use Agreements at the beginning of each school year and keeping us informed of any changes or updates depending on your preferences.
  • Modelling good practice when it comes to screen time and considering our own online reputations.
  • Allowing children to access technology for home learning, such as Timestables Rock Stars and Spelling Shed 
  • Being open and honest about your understanding and use of technology, and ensuring you always ask for support.
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