Year 6: Hartlake

Welcome to Hartlake Classes 2021-2022
Year 6 
Miss Sampson
Your final year of St Nicholas is upon you and it's going to be an exciting one! 
Our topic this term is 'Extreme Earth'. We will be learning about natural disasters, how and why they happen and the effects they have on where they happen. 
The topic knowledge organiser is on this page if you want to read a bit more. Perhaps you can research what each of the topic words mean. 
Our spelling list for this term is also on this page. Each week we will practise your spellings rule in school and test you on a Friday. Please make sure you are learning your spellings at home ready for Fridays.
Further down the page you will see there are the Year 3&4 and 5&6 Statutory Spelling Lists. Use these to revise these tricky spellings. 
Don't forget to use Spelling Shed to help you - lets try and get Year 6 to the top of the leaderboard! 
Homework will be set at the end of each week and due in on the following Wednesday. It is really important that you complete this in time, it will help you with your learning in school as well as get you used to it ready for secondary school. 
Reading is not only really important for your learning but it is also a fun, interesting and enjoyable pastime! 
We will be encouraging you to read every day in school as well as reading our class book. 
Don't forget to write in your reading record each evening so we can keep track of how often you are reading and what you are reading. We love to chat to you about the different books you have read and whether you have enjoyed them or not - we're always after recommendations!! 
Have a look at the recommended books for Year 6 further down this page. 
In science we are learning about Electricity, have a look at the knowledge organiser further down this page to find out a little more! 
Most importantly - we are so happy that we are back together again things in school are returning to normal. Make the most of your last year in school, work hard, be safe and keep smiling! 
Here are some resources which might help you with your learning in Year 6. 
There are the year 3&4 and the 5&6 statutory spelling word lists. These are the long lists that you get tested on three times a year. Some of these words are in your weekly spelling lists but it is important that you practise the words you find tricky throughout the year. 
There are some Punctuation and Grammar posters which explain the different terms we use in school.