Year 5: Severn

Welcome to Year 5
Severn Class
Miss Burge
Hello Year 5! 
It is fantastic to be back at school and to be learning together again. I cannot wait to see all of the fantastic work we will produce this year. 
Smashing Saxons and Vicious Vikings
This term our topic is Smashing Saxons and Vicious Vikings. 

We will be researching the Anglo-Saxons, how, where, when and why they arrived in Britain. We will then be discovering how we know about their lives and what everyday life was like in Anglo-Saxon Britain.  Then we will find out more about the arrival of the Vikings and their invasion. Where they settled and what they used the land for. Finally we will explore their beliefs, their lives in Britain and their Kings, laws and justice system.

We have already come up with lots of interesting questions that we would like to answer, can you think of any more?

Spellings will be given out with homework on a Friday and will be tested the following Thursday. Remember to keep learning your 3/4 and 5/6 spellings as well. Spelling shed is a great place to do this! Who can get to the top of the leader board! 
Keep using all of our online resources but always check with an adult first.
Active learn - reading our class text, homework and maths games 
Spelling Shed and Maths Shed - Keep on practising! Who can get to the top of the leaderboard?
VLE - spellings lists and topic links 
Google Classroom - online lessons for if we can't be at school