Spirit of St Nicholas Star

St Nicholas Star Awards
At St Nicholas we hold a special assembly every term to announce the winners of our special 'St Nicholas Star'.  Each class chooses a child who they think encapsulates the true spirit of St Nicholas School in everything they do.

Hartlake Spirit Award  Term 2   2020


I’m so proud of the way the whole of my class have worked since the start of this year. I’ve been particularly proud of the way that everyone has continued working really hard in lessons even when our timetable has been interrupted by bike ability, play and carol service rehearsals and filming. Everyone should be really proud of the way they have stayed focused and behaved beautifully throughout a very chaotic term! 

This has made choosing a spirit for this term really hard and I’ve been talking to every adult in the year 5/6 team about who has impressed them this term! 

However the person I have chosen is incredibly deserving. It is someone who’s manners constantly impress me, everyone morning I get a wave, a smile a hello and a how’re you? Their manners are impeccable and have been noticed across the school. 

Their behaviour is also impeccable, they set a fantastic example whenever they are in school. They are always ready to learn, they are unobtrusive and unassuming in lessons. In every lesson they listen carefully, they put their hand up and engage in class discussions as well as answering questions. They are never afraid to explain their understanding and are always happy to help others. They give everything a go even if they are not sure and they aren’t worried if they don’t get things quite right. They constantly tackle challenges with a positive mindset and are always willing to take their learning to another level. 

They spend any spare second reading and  I know this is having a hugely positive effect on their work in lessons. It enables them to work out the root words and figure out meanings when we encounter complex language. It is always helping to improve their writing and it means their understanding when reading complex questions is very good. Their love of great stories and good books means that they are always one of the first to be sat ready when we come back into the classroom so they can squeeze in an extra few pages. A love of reading is so important and they are setting a great example to the rest of the class and encouraging others to read more too! 

They feel like they have always been a member of this class. They have time for everyone, are friendly and kind and always chatting to and having a laugh with someone - it never matters who! It’s an absolute joy to have someone so settled and friendly in my classroom every day. 

I think my class probably would have guessed it by now but if not this will give it away. My spirit this term is someone who shows them-self to be hugely hard working and talented academically but recently, despite PE not being their favourite subject, have revealed an extraordinary talent for skipping! Everyone in school was so impressed and can’t wait to hear the results of their efforts in the playground pentathlon. 

It is with great pleasure and a huge amount of pride that I award this terms spirit of st nicks to Rain! 

Huntspill Spirit Award    Term 2   2020


It makes me so pleased to read out this award speech as the person receiving the Spirit for our class is so deserving of it.

This person really demonstrates all of the St Nicholas values.  She has set a wonderful example to others with her fantastic attitude, behaviour and enthusiasm for learning and school in general. 

She always tries her best and wants to do well.  If I suggest an improvement to her work, she is happy to work on it, showing excellent endurance.  She works extremely hard in lessons and always tries her best. 

Also, she is a good team player and is always pleased for others when they succeed.  She is compassionate and kind.  I’ve noticed that she is especially kind to others in the class, helping them and making sure they have everything they need. 

One of the things that I’m particularly impressed with is how brave and courageous she has been.  When she auditioned for the play, she shone out with great acting skills after fantastic preparation at home to do so well.  I think her acting skills are amazing and I can imagine her on TV when she is older!

When we were filming I needed to film her singing a solo quite a few times.  She really felt very nervous at one point and was unsure about doing it in front of the class  - she was quite overwhelmed.  However, she kept on going and managed to overcome her anxiousness.  When you watch the pantomime you would never know that she was worried and how much bravery it took for her to do it. 

Overall Meghan is having a wonderful year and making the most of her last year in primary school.  Well done Meghan  - you are our Spirit this term :)

Lox Class Spirit of St Nicholas Term 2

The child I have chosen to be the Spirit of St. Nicks in Lox class is rather shy and quiet. They tend not to like the attention drawn to them, preferring to observe what’s going on from the side lines but always carefully taking everything in.

As the term has progressed all the adults in the class have begun to notice them grow in confidence and their lovely sense of humour and personality begin to shine out.

They are now beginning to answer their name in the register (this might give you a little clue to who it might be)

And they are becoming more confident to share their news, overcoming their shyness in their eagerness to retell what antics their Christmas elf has been up to.

They always listen attentively and can be relied upon to make good choices.

They are extremely hard working and diligent and it is through this effort that they have recently begun to make great steps forward in their learning. They are now able to read and write simple words by themselves and they have shown great perseverance forming letters.

They love making patterns using various objects and when counting they are always careful and accurate. Skills they will need as they move up through school.

They love spending time embellishing pictures in the writing corner and will often keep returning to a piece of work until it is completed.

Above all they always try their best.

So it gives me great pleasure to award the Spirit of St. Nicks in Lox class to……...Oliver Lines.


Brue class Spirit of  St Nicholas Term 2

I would like to begin by saying a huge well done to every child in Brue Class. It has been a long term and you have all continued to work so hard.

This term we have decided to choose somebody who we felt had come so far since their return to school in September. They have really started to believe in themselves and what they can achieve when they work hard and stay focused. They continue to overcome obstacles in their learning and feel a great sense of achievement when they overcome learning which challenges them.  They continue to try their best and their confidence continues to grow which is so lovely to see.

The progress they have made in the last two terms has been fantastic! They are somebody who once found reading very daunting but they are now really starting to enjoy sharing a book at home and at school which is brilliant to hear! Their phonics has come on leaps and bounds and they have worked so hard with their Maths too. They are so proud of their number bonds and they are beginning to take great pride in their writing too. We hope this positive approach to their learning will continue as they progress through Year 2. They have filled us with so much pride and they should be so proud of their achievements.

This is why I would like to present the spirit award this term to Jack Brammall. Well done Jack!

Kennet Class Spirit - Term 2

As with last term, Kennet Class’s Spirit of St Nicholas was an obvious choice to Mrs Hinkley and myself. This term’s Spirit is a pupil who has brought themselves to our attention because of the time and thought they give to the little things that they can do throughout each day to make the lives of the people they come into contact with brighter and better. 

We have noticed how caring this person is in the way that they act towards others, and they do this without needing thanks or recognition. We have noticed this person purposefully tucking their chair in when they have seen that others will struggle to get by, both in the classroom and in the hall at lunchtime. Our Spirit has also gone out of their way to make people feel included and to ensure that they do not feel lonely. Our Spirit is also able to admit when they have made mistakes and they take responsibility for these moments with maturity. This person offered to play with someone at breaktime when they knew they were feeling alone and they did this selflessly without needing to be asked or encouraged. They also work with consistent focus in lessons across the curriculum and it is obvious that they enjoy completely immersing themselves in their independent learning; they are proactive in their approach to learning and often develop their own strategies and make their own independent links between the concepts that have been taught to them. 

Joining in fully and passionately with all of the music and performance-related opportunities is another aspect of school where our Spirit of St Nick’s has thrived this term; they have lead by example, giving 100% in rehearsals and in filming sessions too and it has inspired those around them to participate fully as well; this pupil’s enthusiasm is becoming infectious!

Rio, well done! You thoroughly deserve this term’s Spirit Award!


Severn’s Spirit Winner – Term 2 2020

This term my spirit of St Nicks goes to a person has had a real change in mind set this term. They are a pleasure to have as part of Severn Class and I am so pleased to see them believing in themselves just like everyone else in Severn Class does too!

I have noticed a real change in this person’s attitude and confidence. Before, they focussed on the negative and what they were getting wrong. They would get upset and frustrated when they did not get a question correct but now they focus more on the positive and don’t give up when something looks a bit challenging. They are proud of their achievements and celebrate these. This is so fantastic to see in class and around school! My Spirit is starting to believe in themselves and their ability more and more each day and I’m sure with this attitude they will continue to do this in the future.

Our Spirit of St Nicks works hard in all lessons, even the lessons that they find tricky, and they have really improved in their work. They are putting their hand up and sharing ideas more and are engaged in everything we are learning about in our lessons. They know that they have to work hard to achieve their targets but they are now doing this with positivity and a smile.

As well as this, Severn Class’s Spirit goes to a person who is very compassionate and is a great friend to others in the class. They notice when someone is struggling or when someone just needs a friend and they are there for that person. They are helpful and polite around the classroom, a great addition to our team.

I am so pleased to announce that my Spirit of St Nicholas this term goes to Aleisha! Keep up the hard work and positivity.

Mells Spirit of St Nicholas Award Winner Term 2

The person I have chosen for the Spirit of St Nicholas Award this term is a brilliant student who makes an outstanding contribution to our lessons every single day. They have fierce determination to succeed in all aspects of school life and that is the reason why they regularly come out at the top of the class for their academic achievements. This person understands clearly that nothing comes easy in life and if you want to achieve at something, you really have to work at it. They diligently practise all of their times tables and spellings, to the point where they have truly mastered them, and this means they excel in maths and English lessons. They are a passionate reader and will often share their experience of different texts with the rest of the class. They are inquisitive about the world around them, which means they also ask probing questions in our science lessons, and I could easily see this person working in a science or engineering industry when they are older. This person is also a wonderful role model to other students – always being polite and courteous, and being a good friend to others on the playground.

I am therefore extremely pleased to present the Spirit of St Nicholas Award for Term 2 to… Rachel Li

Dart class Spirit of  St Nicholas Term 2

First of all I would like to say a huge well done to Dart Class for this term. They have all worked really hard and I am proud of them all for all they have done and how well they have coped.

My spirit award this term goes to someone who has really impressed me with their hard work and perseverance in their learning. They have gone from strength to strength in every area of school life. This person has not always found school work easy but they have found a new confidence in giving everything a go.

At the beginning of Year 2 they struggled to find sounds in words and we have worked really hard on their writing. Since then they have worked really hard with their phonics and have impressed me and Mrs Mason with how much they have improved.

They always come in to school with a smile on their face and they are always kind to others.

This person has also really impressed me by how well they have settled in to St Nics. It’s not easy joining a new school, especially with how different everything is at the moment. However, they have done an amazing job and have made some lovely friendships which is great to see.

So keep up the good work and we’ll keep supporting you with your lovely writing and help you to improve even more.

My Spirit of St Nics award for Term 2 in Dart Class goes to Summer. Well Done J

Somer Class Spirit Award – Term 2 December 2020

For me, this award was a relatively easy decision. How could I not award this amazing pupil?? I don’t think they have ever put a foot wrong. Exemplary behaviour every day, a fantastic role model to others. Whenever I ask the class to come to carpet, this person is there straight away. Sitting, listening and waiting ever so patiently for others to do the same. Every time, without fail, they are there.

 This person comes into school ready to learn with a positive attitude every single day. They are a very quiet but confident member of the class. The writing he is producing at this stage of Year 1, having missed half of his reception year due to covid, is pretty impressive. His handwriting wouldn’t look out of place in a year 3 classroom! I cannot wait to see what he will be achieving by the end of the year.

 His mathematical brain and the speed he can complete calculations in his head never ceases to amaze me. He thrives off a challenge and never gives up. He shows great resilience and a real determination to succeed.

 He is not only succeeding academically in the classroom but thriving in Sport too. His ability to listen and follow instructions along with his natural ability means he is impressing his coaches in cricket and basketball lessons every week too. A definite future school sports star for sure.

He is incredibly kind natured. A fantastic friend to other members of the class. He helps others without expecting anything in return. He is always offering to help me around the classroom, I know I can always depend on him.

 I am very proud of everything you have achieved so far this year and I think of myself as incredibly lucky to have you in my class. A huge well done and congratulations to our Somer Class Spirit award winner... Theo Childs.


Cam Class Spirit of St Nicholas Term 2
Firstly I would like to begin by thanking all the children in Cam class for working so hard this term. They have settled so brilliantly into school life and are super confident at coming into school in the morning.
There is one person however, who I believe has stood out for all the right reasons!
This person is a friendly and sociable character in class. They are kind and considerate to others and love making new friendships.
They are enthusiastic about all aspects of their learning and are eager to share their ideas with adults and their peers. They are determined to reach their desired goal and show resilience when approaching tasks that have been set for them.
However, their greatest strength would have to be their ability to light up a room with their infectious smile.
This person has a brilliant sense of humour and the ability to make others feel happy around them. Many of the grown-ups in school have commented on how happy this person is and he always greets everyone on the gate with a beaming grin in the morning.
His cheery disposition has been most welcome in these strange times and helps everybody get through their day with positivity.
It is therefore, without hesitation that I award the Spirit of St. Nicholas to Joshua Angel :)

Hartlake's Spirit of St Nicks - Term 1 2020

My spirit of St Nicks this term is someone who I am super proud of and I know I am lucky to have them in my class this year.
They have started year 6 with an incredible attitude to the challenges ahead.
Although they don’t always find learning easy they are keen to contribute to class discussions and try their best at every piece of work they are set. Even when work is tricky they ask for help and persevere.
I have watched their confidence grow as they now laugh and joke at playtimes. It’s fantastic to see them sitting and chatting with friends in the dinner hall.
They are very helpful around the classroom, always behaving impeccably and following instructions carefully. The always offer to help as well as always having a story to share.
They are always organised and have everything they need ready to use in every lesson, their tray is always tidy and they always know what is coming next!
They are focussing really hard on their spelling and handwriting in every subject – always checking when they aren’t sure.
If they finish their work they always make sure they are completing the next job such as reading or times table practice – it’s great to see them being independent and taking responsibility for their learning.
They are also trying really hard with their homework, asking for support in school if they have found it tricky. This week they even reached the top of the leader board on spelling and maths shed!
When setting targets this year they were keen to challenge them self and were excited when they realised that they had already achieved one of their targets this year. It’s fantastic to see them keen to learn and enthusiastic to challenge themselves.
I am particularly proud of this person for completing move a mile with enthusiasm every day  – even when they are finding it tough they keep on running!
They have been really brave - writing and then memorising and then doing a speech for head girl as well as learning lines for our Christmas play.
This person should be incredibly proud of everything they have achieved this year and I hope they keep up all of the hard work for the rest of year 6 - well done Ella!

Severn's Spirit of St Nicks - Term 1 2020 

This term I am very excited to announce our Spirit of St Nicks for Severn Class. The person I have chosen may not realise but I have been noticing them over the past few weeks for all of the right reasons.

My Spirit works hard in every lesson, whether it is topic, science, English or maths. They are always engaged in whatever we are learning about. They listen to me and other children when they share their ideas and work well with others to get work done. I have loved watching this person grow in confidence over the past weeks. At the beginning of the term, they could, at times, be hesitant to share their own answers and ideas but now they have always got their hand up to answer questions or to give things a try. This person can often be heard telling the rest of the class interesting and amazing facts about something we have discussed in our lessons. They have a clear love of learning and this shines from them every day and I love learning more from them.  

I have also been really impressed with their attitude to their work. They give every piece of work their best and are always looking for ways to make what they are doing better. They might not always find their learning easy but they listen to feedback and work hard to make sure this is in their next piece of work. They work hard on their personal targets and this shows in the great work they are doing in lessons. This continues when they are at home, they always read, practise their times tables and spellings and complete their homework. They are working so hard!

Our Spirit is also someone who is a friend to everyone in the class. I have watched them show kindness to every other member of Severn Class, from a smile and a chat to playing games at break times and helping other children tidy up their belongings. They are compassionate and considerate, demonstrating these attributes in all of their words and actions.  This person always has a smile on their face and this has definitely helped to brighten my days throughout our first term.

My Spirit is polite, friendly, hardworking and is a pleasure to have in our class. They are a role model to other children. I am looking forward to seeing this person grow throughout Year 5.

Keep up the hard work! A huge well done to my spirit, AJ!

Huntspill Class

My spirit this term goes to someone in our class who has made massive progress across the board.

At the start of the year he put good effort in to all lessons and showed an excellent attitude. He has managed to persevere and concentrate hard consistently.  When I’ve made suggestions about how to make improvements he has listened carefully and applied what I have said. 

An example of this is his handwriting.  When he joined our school he found writing neatly difficult and at the beginning of this year I found it tricky to always read what he was writing.  Now, after lots of effort and practice, his handwriting is very good.  He has worked hard on the size of it and joining the letters appropriately.  What a good example to everyone!

As well as working very hard, he’s a friendly, cheerful member of our class who always puts a smile on his friends’ faces.  He knows how to be funny and lively, whilst always following the school rules. 

His confidence has grown greatly recently.  He put himself forward for lots of special Year 6 jobs, and the most impressive was volunteering to sing our harvest festival song in a small group.  This took lots of courage.

This pupil has also been helping others in the classroom.  He’s been kind if someone needs help, and helped me out lots of times with computer issues! 

Our Spirit this term is Bentley :)

Mells Class Spirit Winner Term 1

The person I have chosen for my Spirit award this term is a bundle of happy energy from the start of the day right through to the end. Since we have been back in school she has brought a smile to the classroom every single day and has not once complained about anything different that we are doing or any of the Covid routines we are having to go through. She always sees the bright side of everything and her positivity rubs off on everyone in the class. She is exactly the type of student who is helping everyone get through these difficult times.


She has been an extremely inquisitive learner this term and she loves ask questions about everything we do in class. She has worked so hard in all of her subjects and never gives anything less than 100% effort. She knows she still has to work hard to meet her targets, but this doesn’t phase her, and her resilience in the face of difficulty makes her a fantastic role model to the other children. Her scores are improving in all of her tests and she is now reaching 100 in her times tables. A fantastic achievement!


I am therefore proud to present the first Spirit of St Nicholas in Mells class to… Connie.

Midford Class’ Spirit of St Nicholas

I have been so impressed with Midford class this term. They have all worked so hard and I could have chosen any of them to be our spirit of St Nics. However I can only choose one.

The person I have chosen to be our first Spirit of St Nicholas is a caring and thoughtful member of our class. They have a fantastic sense of humour and will laugh at my jokes surprisingly often.

When I first met this person, they struggled to focus on the day to day activities we had planned. However, now they are working so hard and are keen to complete their work to the best of their ability.  This person sets a fantastic example to the class and is always one of the first to sit down at the carpet or their table when asked. They are working so hard to make good choices, even if they are not feeling very happy.

He seems so much more settled and happier this year. This has helped him develop stronger, more meaningful friendships with other children. He is always one of the first to make sure that someone is ok if they get hurt.

The boy I have chosen was not in the school building during lockdown but I have been so impressed with how he has returned. It has been wonderful having him back in school.

So without further ado, our Spirit of St Nicholas in Midford Class is Brooke.

Kennet Class Spirit Winner Term 1

Mrs M-J and I both agreed that there was an obvious choice for Kennet Class’ Spirit of St Nicholas this term. We have selected a child who arrives in school every day with a huge smile on their face. They have impressed us with their fantastically positive attitude and their willingness to try all activities. They always offer to help the adults in the classroom and they also try hard to look after their classmates.

Our Spirit of St Nicholas is a child who has made so many positive steps since Year 3. They now write copious amounts for their Wizard Writes, and often ask to keep writing once the lesson is over. In fact, they now enjoy writing so much that they often choose to write at home instead of playing computer games. They now join in wholeheartedly with every P.E. lesson, and in recent days they have been much more enthusiastic about Move a Mile and in this last week spent more time running than walking! They have overcome their dislike of glue and now stick in their own sheets. They now bring in money from home and enjoy tuck every day. They have developed a love of handwriting lessons and sometimes ask to do extra handwriting practice at lunch time. If they feel sad, they now use their words to tell us about what is upsetting them and this allows us to help them. 

Our Spirit of St Nicholas has been like a different child this term and Mrs M-J and I are extremely proud of him. He is an asset to our class who has made the most wonderful start to his time in Year 4; we are sure his successes will continue as the year goes on and we can’t wait to see these! Our Spirit this term is Marley.


Somer Class Spirit Winner Term 1

Mrs Smyth is very sorry she can not be here today. The Year 1 staff team have been watching carefully to consider which child to give this first Spirit to today.


This child is someone who settled quickly into Year 1 and sets an excellent example to the rest of the class. The child’s behaviour - on the carpet, around the classroom, in PE and in our outside area - is exemplary. This means that the child is always doing the right thing and making the right choices. This child also demonstrates the school values in class with peers and adults.


He is hard working. He shows his willingness to push himself and he is keen to further his learning in our continuous provision and challenges. He is not afraid to make mistakes, learning from them and takes feedback on board. We have noted how polite he is in class and around the school. He is kind when others are hurt or need help.


It gives us great pleasure to give this Spirit award to ……… Logan 

Avon Class Spirit Winner Term 1

This is my first ever Spirit of St Nicholas.  It has been difficult to choose as I have been impressed by how so many children in my class have made a positive start to Key Stage 2.

The person that I have chosen can find it difficult to start a piece of work, struggling with confidence.  However, I have noticed that they have been making a real effort to ‘have a go’, adopting a positive mindset.  Not only that, but they have persevered when they have found things difficult.  There have been a couple of ‘wobbles’ but this member of my class has shown determination, completing tasks to the best of their ability. This person always listens carefully and follows the instructions that are given, but is able to use their own initiative as well.  Their work is always well presented and a delight to look at.

This person is a very quiet member of my class but has shown a great awareness of others.  I often notice this person helping others, without expecting any praise in return – they demonstrate a very generous nature.   Their behaviour is outstanding.  They are always very sensible and I know that I can rely on this person.

This award is well deserved and I hope that it will give a boost to this person’s confidence. I am really pleased to announce that the Spirit of ST Nicholas for Avon class is........................Amelia.

Spirit of St Nics for Dart Class Term 1 2020-2021 

The spirit of St Nics this term in Dart class is going to someone who has really impressed me with their attitude to everything in school in the last few weeks. This person is someone who has sometimes struggled to make the right choices in school but has shown such an improvement in their ability to turn things around. They have taken everything I have said on board and have shown me each week how they have matured and understood how to do the right thing.

This person has also really impressed me with their new attitude to learning, they are now keen to put their hand up in class and answer questions they find tricky as well as show pride in answering the questions they know. Their handwriting has really developed recently and they take time to make their presentation better and it is a big contrast to past work. They have also become a lot more independent, especially in writing. Where they were writing a few words before, they are now writing sentences and sharing some really good ideas in English to the class. They are also taking time to learn their spellings and are getting them all correct!

It’s great to see that this person is also making good choices on the playground at break times and lunchtimes. They struggled at the beginning but now are remembering how to be a good friend to others and using some really kind words.

It’s fantastic to see such a change in someone and they should be really proud of their achievement and improvement in school. They are a great part of Dart class and a pleasure to teach  with a great new attitude towards learning and friendships.

Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to seeing them progress and push themselves even more throughout Year 2! The spirit of St Nicholas for Dart Class this term is James Gilvray.

 From Ms Hinchliff

Spirit of St Nicholas Speech Brue Class 

I wanted to begin by saying a huge well done to every single child in Brue Class. You have all settled back into school life incredibly well after such a long time away and you have all worked your socks off. Well done Brue! This made this decision particularly tricky! The person I have decided to choose this term is someone I feel has made such fantastic steps of progress in just 8 weeks! They now show so many positive learning behaviours in and out of the classroom. They are now starting to really enjoy every learning opportunity they are given and give everything their best shot. They can find reading and writing tricky sometimes but they have shown such a positive attitude and shown great perseverance with both, which is fantastic to see. They never used to look forward to writing and now it can be hard to get them to stop! They are starting to take great pride in their learning and enjoy sharing what they have done, which is really lovely. They can be a quieter member of the class but as they are maturing, they are really starting to grow in confidence and participating much more. We are really impressed with this person and they should be really proud of them self. This is why I would like to award the spirit of St Nics award this term to Kyran Traylor. Well done Kyran !

From Miss McAvoy

For Cam and Lox winners in Term 1, please look on their class page.