Welcome to St Nicholas!

Hello and a very warm welcome to St. Nicholas Primary School!
We are so glad that you have chosen to begin your school journey with us. Although we fully appreciate that this is a particularly strange and difficult time to be making the transition to school we aim to offer you all the support and guidance that you might need on this page.
We will be offering you information and relevant updates when we can as well as making suggestions for activities to try at home on the lead up to starting school.
We thoroughly recommend that you begin by taking a look at the BBC bitesize website. They have a wealth of guidance and useful tips on successful school transition. 
Please see the link below:

Below are some resources that have been provided to Early years settings in our local area.

They are based on The SMILE project which aims to: Improve well-being, Protect mental health and Increase emotional resilience in young children.


It is Based on the 5 ways to Well being which are: Speak and sign, Move, Imagine and Play, Learn and Enjoy. There are 5 different, fun characters to find out more about.

Please take a look at the slides and story book attached to discover more.......


New starter information
Below is a story that you might like to share with your child to help with their transition to school. There are lots of questions that are useful to get your child thinking and talking about starting their school journey.
Stories and activities to share and have fun with whilst at home
Simple Number Songs
Here are some pictures of our current reception children having fun at school.