Reception: Cam & Lox

Welcome to Reception
Cam and Lox Class
Miss Parrott and Mrs Warde
Our new topic for term 1 is 'Once Upon a time'
At the moment the children are having fun exploring their new surroundings and meeting new friends.
They have all made an excellent start to school and the staff have been really impressed at how confidently they have come in to their classes at morning drop off :)
Please keep your eye on our class page, there will photos of the children enjoying themselves to follow.........
Please refer to the attached video below which outlines how reading, phonics and writing can be supported at home.
Please have a go at the reading game below
We have attached a version of Goldilocks below for you and your children to share together.
Tracing and handwriting practice
Spirit of St Nicholas 23.10.20
Cam Class Spirit of St Nicholas 23.10.20
There are many reasons why I  think this person deserves the Spirit of St Nicholas award and I think it is fair to say that they have shown fantastic progress across all areas of the early years curriculum.
This person has an infectious smile and always comes in to school with a cheerful grin.
Considering this is their first experience of school I have been really impressed with how quickly they have settled in to the class routine and their behaviour is always impeccable.
This person is kind and considerate to others and shares and takes turns with ease.
They are always enthusiastic at carpet time and often have their hand up ready to answer questions.
This person is very creative and works extremely carefully when painting, colouring and drawing.
They have also been working really hard in number work and their phonic skills have improved so much that they are now reading simple words and having a go at writing them too :)
Overall, they have made a brilliant start to their school journey.
It therefore gives me great pleasure to announce my Spirit of St Nicks as Harry Evans!!! :)
Lox Class Spirit
I've been really pleased with all the children in Lox Class this term. You've been in school now for eight weeks and you've all coped amazingly. So well done!!!
Although this has made it really difficult to choose just one of you to get the St. Nick's trophy.
So I've tried to choose someone who has followed all of our Golden Rules and shown the real Spirit of St. Nicks.
This person always listens well on the carpet and shows great focus.
They are very independent and organised. They are great at putting away their own belongings at the start of the day and gathering their things when its time to go home. And they often help others gather their things too!!
They love drawing and they always take great care and time colouring their pictures and embellishing them.
They are great at making model in the discovery area. They have many great ideas and they are becoming a real whiz with the scissors.
They are extremely kind and caring and quick to lend a hand if they see others struggling.
They have been working hard on their counting and this has greatly improved since starting school.
They have loved taking their sounds folder home and have shown real determination to move forward in their learning.
They always try their best and they have shown themselves to be a great role model to others.
And for these reasons the Spirit of St. Nick's in Lox Class goes to Poppy Brinkworth.