Week 1 - a fact file about Hinduism

Using information from the Bitesize website make a fact file about Hinduism. Decorate it with pictures to match the facts.
The fact file should answer the following Questions;

What do Hindus believe?

Names of the deities (Gods)

What are Hinduism's holy books?

Where do Hindus worship?

Once you have completed your fact file do the quiz on the Bitesize page.
Did you get all five questions correct?
  • Top Ten Facts
  • Although the majority of Hindus live in India where the religion began, there are large Hindu communities all over the world.
  • Today more than a billion people in the world are Hindus.
  • All Hindus believe that life, death and rebirth are a continuous process that we are all part of.
  • Many gods are worshipped in Hinduism. Each Hindu god is said to be a different part of the supreme God ‘Brahman’.
  • Hindus believe that God can be seen in a person or an animal. They believe that God is in everybody.
  • As well as visiting temples, Hindus worship God in their own homes and most houses have either a room or corner in which there is a family shrine.
  • ​Hindu temples look very different depending on where they are in the world, but they always have an orange flag outside.
  • Hindus believe that certain rivers are sacred and have the power to wash away sins (actions that are wrong in the eyes of God). The Ganges River in Northern India is especially sacred to Hindus.
  • Hindus believe that all living things have souls, which is why very committed Hindus are vegetarians.
  • Cows are considered to be sacred animals among Hindus because they produce milk for people. In India cows are allowed to wander freely, so they can sometimes cause traffic jams if they stroll on roads!