RE for children at home

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Years R,1,2
Week 1
1.Make a Mothers day card for Mummy!
2.Watch the video of the story of Easter.
In your work book draw a picture to show what happens at the beginning of the story. Write a sentence or more about the picture.
Week 2 
You may want to watch the video again to remind your self - or there is another video at
In your work book draw pictures to show what happens in the middle of the story and what happens at the end. Write one or more sentences to go with your pictures.
Week 3 
In your work book write a prayer to say at Easter. Decorate it.
RE for
Years 3,4,5,6
Week 1
Watch the video that tells the story of Easter.
In your work book either;
  • make a comic strip showing the story of Easter
  • make a story board with pictures on one side of the page and sentences on the other to tell the story of Easter 
  • Write the story of Easter and illustrate your work with pictures amongst your writing.
Keep your writing neat and use proper punctuation. Check your work for spelling mistakes.
Think about the feelings of each person in the story. What were their thoughts? Add this to your story.
Week 2
What do Christians do to Celebrate Easter?
Look at the website;
In your work book write a factfile about Easter and the traditions that Christians keep.
Week 3 
In your workbook write a prayer for Easter and decorate it.