All children in St Nicholas are set homework appropriate to their ability and school year and we expect all pupils to complete their homework and to hand it in on time. Children failing to complete homework are expected to attend homework club on a Wednesday but often have to attend Thursday and Friday to complete the work set each week.


Our homework expectations are detailed below:

  • All pupils are expected to read each night, learn their spellings and number bonds or times-tables. (at least  5 times per week)
  • The majority of homework in years 2-5 will be set via the internet through the school website, where your child can log on to their individual page.  If this is a problem please speak to your child’s class teacher.
  • Pupils in Years 3 – 5 will be given up to 45 minutes homework for Maths and English each week.
  • Pupils in year 6 will have up to 45 minutes homework each night (not necessarily every night), this will include preparation reading and preparation work for lessons the next day, revision and   individual tasks. It may also include any work not completed in class that day.
  • Presentation should match what is expected in school.
  • Homework should be written in pencil – pupils who write in pen will be asked to re-do it.
  • From year 2 upwards, if children do not complete their homework, they will attend homework club on a Wednesday lunchtime.
  • If you have any problems with homework you should speak to your child’s class teacher before the homework deadline.