Essential Information

Contacting Parents

If your child is unwell we will telephone you or a person named on your contact sheet.  Please keep school informed if you change your telephone numbers (especially mobile phones).

Sickness & Absence

If your child is absent from school please telephone school on 01761 432101 by 9.30am on the first day of absence and then send a note in the Home School Book on his/her return.  School has a legal requirement to monitor absences and will contact you if your child is absent without explanation.  If your child is sick for more than one day please call us on each day of absence.

If your child has sickness or diarrhoea please keep him/ her at home for at least 48 hours after the bouts stop.  Home is always the best place to be if your child is unwell.

Medicines in school

Only in exceptional circumstances should medicines be brought into school.  If you cannot give your child their prescribed medication before or after school, medicines may be self-administered by the children but only after an indemnity form has been completed.  Children who use inhalers should fill in a form – the inhaler will be kept in the class inhaler bag in the classroom.  Inhalers should be labelled with the child’s name.  Parents must make sure that the inhaler works correctly, is ‘in-date’ and that their child knows how to use it.  The school has a policy of not administering eye-drops.


If your child has to leave school during the day (e.g. for a dental appointment), a note in the Home School Book must be sent into school before the appointment.  Please give the reason for the appointment and the time that your child will be collected.  No child will be allowed to leave school unaccompanied during the school day and must be signed out.

Holidays During Term Time

Parents are strongly advised against taking their children out of school for holidays during school time.  In unavoidable circumstances, however, permission (at least 2 weeks notice) must be sought from the Headteacher prior to the holiday being taken.  Permission will not be given for children with poor attendance.

Making a Complaint

Should you have a complaint or a concern about any issue we encourage you to come into school and share it with us as sson as possible.  Dealing with a problem at an early stage can often prevent a problem becoming more serious and worrying for you and your child.  Please follow the steps as outlined in the school brochure.

Many of the forms that are needed can be downloadedfrom the school office page.
If you have any other queries and cannot find the information here, please come into the school to speak to us or contact us on 01761 432101.


If you would like a paper copy of any information provided on our website, please contact the school office.