Equalities Team

Equalities Team 2019/20
Please meet our new Equalities team for 2019/20. They are all very excited to get to work so watch this space exciting things coming soon.
September 2019
This month we have been discussing what Equality means to us as a school community and what we can do to make our school a better place. 
We have decided to take part in Anti-Bullying week 11th-15th November and this includes 'Odd Socks Day' where we will all be wearing our odd socks to show that its okay to be different. We will also be holding an assembly about Anti-Bullying and will be giving each class sock templates for the children to enter our odd sock competition.
12th November 2019
Our Equalities team did a fantastic job holding our Anti-Bullying assembly. They showed a good understanding of what should be done if themselves or a friend is getting bullied and they shared this with the whole school. All the Equalities team took part in the assembly whether that was a speaking part or holding up a poster or speach bubble. We are very proud of them all.
On Tuesday 4th of February we will be holding an assembly to talk about 'Time to Talk day' which we are taking part in on Thursday 6th February. We are all very excited about this.
Tuesday 4th February 2020
Today our Equalities team took our morning worship to talk about mental health as part of mental health week 2020 and Time to Talk day which is on Thursday 6th February. They were all absolutely amazing talking about our feelings, what we can do to help ourselves and others and showing the children a video all about mental health. 
We are incredibly proud of our Equalities team for all of their hard work. Well done team.
14th February 2020
Following on from our Time to Talk assembly about the importance of mental wellbeing. The Equalitiews team would like to buy an Equalities Mascot (teddy), they plan for this mascot to be available for all children in school particularly those that may be having a bad day. We are holding a mufti day on the Friday 28th February to raise funds for this protect. There will also be a chance for the children to win prizes, as the team plan to hold a competition to design a T-shirt for the Equalities mascot to wear as well as naming the mascot too. 
Thank you to everyone for your support,
The Equalities Team.

28th February 2020

Thank you to all Children and staff for coming to school in their mufti clothes today and for donating £1 for our Equalities Bear. We raised £156.93 in total and have now ordered our bear. Please look out for T-Shirt templates coming home soon for our Bears T-Shirt competition. We are looking forward to seeing all the entries and cant wait to get the winning T-shirt made for our Bear to wear.

There will also be a guess the name competition too.

Thank you again, from the Equalities team.

Friday 13th March 2020
Thank you to all the children that entered the Equalities Bear T-shirt competition. We have had so many amazing entries, its going to be so hard to pick winners. There will be a winner picked from each year group with one of them being the overall winner. 
We will announce the winners next week but for now please take a look below at some of the amazing entries we have received.
Thank you from the Equalities Team