Reception: Cam

Welcome to Cam Class
Term 4: 'The Circle of Life'.
Please take a look at the topic web below to see the different curriculum areas and activities that we will be covering :)
World Book Day
Holi Festival Activities
We talked about the different parts of a flower and found out about what a seed needs to grow. We enjoyed looking at the plants with magnifying glasses :)
Our parents joined us for a Spring activity session
Term 3: Wintry Weather
Here are some photos of the children enjoying a variety of activities that are linked to our topic.....
We enjoyed celebrating Lunar New Year by preparing and cooking a Chinese stir fry :)
Term 2: Night and Day
Term 1
Here are some photos of us enjoying our environment :)
Playdough Recipe
Tracing and handwriting practice
Scissor cutting skills
We enjoyed being outside in the warm weather and made foil boats. We explored how many marbles we could put inside without our boats sinking.
Phonics activities
Please refer to the attached video below which outlines how reading, phonics and writing can be supported at home.