Celebration Awards

At St Nicholas we have a weekly celebration where parents are invited to join us to watch their child receive their awards and certificates.  KS1 and KS2 have celebrations on alternate Fridays. Children work towards receiving a variety of awards which are detailed below.
Wizard Awards
Every child in the school participates in Wizard Writing (or Talking).  This is when we write (or talk) about lots of exciting things using video clips, music, pictures and even food to inspire us.  
Their class teacher chooses a: Wizard Writer for excellent writing; Best Effort Writer for making a super effort; Most Improved Writer for an excellent improvement in writing.
In addition to their certificate the Wizard Writer is presented with a Wizard cape which their can wear in class.
Maths Magician
Children are given the Maths Magician award for super effort in maths.  In addition to their certificate they are presented with a magician hat and wand which they can wear in class.
Star of the week
Children who have demonstrated our school values throughout the week are awarded the star of the week certificate and badge.
Peg Certificates
Throughout the year, children work towards earning rainbow pegs.  They receive their certificates in this celebration.
KS1 Celebration Awards
KS2 Celebration Awards